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  1. Every student is required to be present punctually well before the commencement of lecture/ practicals.
  2. It is compulsory to have 75% attendance in each subject as per A.I.C.T.E rules. As per DTE norms a student having attendance less than 75% in any subject is not eligible for writing end semester exams.
  3. A system of Academic counsellor exists in all the institutions under P.A Educational Trust. A group of 20-30 students is assigned to each academic counsellor and each student is supposed to meet his academic counsellor atleast once in two weeks. Any application from the student should be endorsed by the respective academic counsellor.
  4. Any absence from classes should be properly accounted, with a leave note explaining the reason for absence from class.
  5. Any application for leave from the college should be forwarded through Parent / Guardian / Warden, Academic Counsellor and HOD before proceeding for leave. The duly signed application for leave should be submitted to respective Academic Counsellor. A copy of the same should be retained with the student and produced on request by any staff member.
  6. Students shall be properly dressed. Only Salwar Kameez/ Churidhars is permitted for girls. (Sleeveless is not allowed). Boys Should wear only formal Shirts and pants (NO JEANS AND T -SHIRTS ALLOWED). Students are expected to wear their prescribed apparel (Over Coat).
  7. Students are not allowed to loiter in the corridor during working hours.
  8. Smoking, chewing paan or taking any kind of intoxicant is strictly prohibited.
  9. Sticking of posters or notices on the walls or writing on them shall attract strict action .
  10. Any act of defacement or damage to furniture, apparatus or any college property will be strictly punished and the cost will be recovered from the students found guilty for the same
  11. Disobedience, insubordination, disorderly behavior, use of abusive language shall not be tolerated.
  12. Shouting of slogans, campaigning, formation of groups or bodies, procession etc is strictly prohibited.
  13. Ragging is a criminal offence. Offenders shall be expelled from the institution and a criminal case will be registered against them.
  14. Student's vehicles are not allowed inside the campus.
  15. Mobile Phones are Strictly prohibited. Hostellers / student staying away from parents guardians may use mobile phones without cameras with the permission of the principal.
  16. Any case of indiscipline shall be dealt very strictly.
  17. Students must strictly abide by the rules and regulations in force and those that may be framed hereafter.
  18. Students are advised to go through the Notice Board regularly for any information / change in rules.
  19. All Kinds of payments/ dues shall be made well in advance (Hostel Rent/ Mess fee / Tuition feel Examination fee etc.)
  20. The parents / Guardians are advised to meet / contact the principal/ academic counselor at least once in a semester.
  21. The institution normally does not organize any programs outside the campus. If the parents are informed by their wards that any programs, tours / picnic are being held, the same may be verified with the college authorities.
  22. Students are advised to avail college hostel facilities if required. If the students avail boarding / hostel facilities outside the campus the college will not be responsible for the issues / problems that may arise because of their behavior.